Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

The Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association is seeking applications for the following positions. To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter via email to DeAnna Alonso at deanna@mofosteradopt.com.



Summary Of Position:

Serve as the Family Development Licensing Supervisor with primary responsibility in supervision/coordination of the licensing program, foster/adoptive/relative/kinship/respite provider training and staff.

Primary Responsibilities:

· Supervise foster/adoptive/kinship programs resulting in development of quality foster/adoptive/kinship/relative/respite providers.

· Coordinate annually, in collaboration with the training department, training requirements and opportunities for foster/adoptive/kinship/relative/respite providers.

· Assign new licensing referrals to Family Development staff within 2 business days of receipt.

· Ensure that all requirements of the initial homestudy/licensing process is followed by Family Development staff.

· Assist staff supervised with in-home consultations and follow up meetings with applicants/providers as needed.

· Drive throughout the state on an occasional basis during the day and evenings to attend in-service training, to conduct foster/adoptive/kinship training and to complete assessments on applicant foster/adoptive/kinship providers as needed or assigned.

· Review and sign approval for completion of all home studies, renewals, adoption updates, and progress notes.

· Conduct individual supervisory conferences at least bi-monthly with the goal of on-going evaluation of the Family Development Specialists’ work product.

· Responsible for identifying the training needs and professional development needs of staff supervised.

· Responsible for employee satisfaction within the Family Development department. Build a strong sense of team with co-leader of department.

· Supervise contract work ensuring that all work is professionally completed in a timely manner.

· Maintain regular contact with the contractors to ensure they are completing quality work in a timely manner.

· Complete agency reports and statistics as needed or assigned.

· Responsible for recruiting Foster/Adoptive Parents including but not limited to helping staff booths at exhibits, helping conduct information meetings, contacting radio stations, newspapers, etc., to advertise our services, speaking in churches and other organizations.

· Maintain regular and professional contact with community agencies including Children’s Division and/or related agencies. Attend trainings/meetings as required.

· Remain flexible in work hours in order to attend to family crisis situations as they arise.

· Schedule work hours to meet the needs of your job requirements.

· Other Duties as Assigned.


To be successful in executing the responsibilities and duties assigned in this job, a person must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. This person must be self-motivated and able to make quality, ethical decisions independent of supervision when necessary. This person must also be a team player, willing to assist in the overall delivery of services to the population of families served by Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association (CMFCAA) as required.


· Responsible for contributing to a positive work culture within departments directly supervise and within the agency overall.

· Consistently treat families and co-workers with the utmost respect.

· Work as a necessary part of a team effort.

· Model ethical and professional behavior at all times.

· Participate in ongoing meetings and trainings as required by the leadership of CMFCAA.

· Be creative and assist leadership with ideas for improving the overall quality of the services and supports provided to foster and adoptive children and families in Missouri.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required; 5+ years of licensing supervisory experience. Must have strong leadership. Be able to work well independently as well as a member of a team. Must have excellent time management and organizational skills Proficient in Word and Excel. Must have the capability of communicating ideas clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing. As well as the aptitude to problem-solve and implement solutions in response to complex issues.